Thanks to the granted subsidy, recovery has been achieved after the pandemic caused by COVID-19. This grant has been co-financed with European FEDER funds. With the project implementation, MILKOLORES TEXTIL SL has achieved the following results:


Thanks to the developed project, MILKOLORES TEXTIL SL has obtained various positive outcomes:

  • Modernization and expansion of facilities, improving the company's image and optimizing space utilization in stores.
  • Enhancement of internal company processes through the implementation of new tools and technologies.
  • Increase in market share and sales, resulting from improved customer service and shopping experience in stores.
  • Strengthening the company's presence in the textile sector in the Canary Islands, consolidating its position as a reference in the region.


By carrying out this project, the proposed objectives in the subsidy application have been achieved:

  • Improved efficiency in the company, thanks to the modernization of facilities and the implementation of new technologies and information systems.
  • Increased sales, a result of improved customer experience and public attention.
  • Optimization of internal processes through the adoption of advanced tools and staff training in their use.
  • Creation of future employment opportunities, as the expansion and modernization of the company generate new job opportunities.
  • Digitalization and innovation in the company, through the incorporation of technologies and information systems enabling more efficient and agile management.
  • Consolidation of the position of MILKOLORES TEXTIL SL in the textile sector in the Canary Islands, increasing its competitiveness and presence in the regional market.

The modernization and expansion project of MILKOLORES TEXTIL SL has had a significant impact on the company, both internally and externally:

  • Internally, greater efficiency has been achieved in the management and operation of stores, allowing faster and more effective customer service. Additionally, staff training in the use of new technologies has contributed to improving their skills and professional competencies, resulting in better performance in their daily tasks.
  • Externally, the modernization and expansion of stores have contributed to improving the company's image and positioning in the market. Likewise, the adoption of technologies and information systems has allowed greater visibility of the company in the digital environment, facilitating the acquisition of new customers and the loyalty of existing ones.

In conclusion, the project has had a very positive impact on the company, fulfilling the objectives proposed in the subsidy application and generating benefits for both the company and its employees and customers.

During the project execution, lessons learned and best practices have been identified that may be useful for the company in future projects:

  • The importance of proper planning and coordination: The success of the project has largely relied on effective planning and coordination of all activities and stakeholders involved, ensuring compliance with deadlines and quality in execution.
  • The need for reliable suppliers and professionals: The selection of experienced and reputable suppliers and professionals has been fundamental to the project's development, as they have guaranteed the delivery of quality products and services.
  • Continuous training of staff: Staff training in the use of new tools and technologies has been key to the project's success, enabling quick and effective adaptation to implemented changes and improvements.
  • Effective communication with different stakeholders: Maintaining open and fluid communication with suppliers, professionals, and employees has been essential to address doubts, detect potential problems, and find solutions quickly and efficiently.

In conclusion, the completion of the modernization and expansion project of MILKOLORES TEXTIL SL has allowed achieving the proposed objectives in the subsidy application, generating a significant impact on the company and its positioning in the market. The experience gained during the project development.

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